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Champions atSacred Heart Catholic School

22513 Garrison Ave. Dearborn MI 48124
(734) 306-1781

Program is located in Michigan Building. To enroll in School year 2016-17, visit Search for school year 2016-17, then find Archdiocese of Detroit!

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Champions has a great solution for busy working families: activities that combine fun and learning, together with the safety and convenience of a high-quality program right inside your school. Champions offers a variety of group and individual activities designed to keep your child exploring and growing.

From art, dramatic play, math and science to problem-solving, language, motor skills and more, we help your child continue learning and developing essential life skills – whether school is in session or not.

NOTE: Winter Break 2016
Offered on site at Sacred Heart Catholic School!
Tuesday December 27th – 30th and Tuesday January 3rd – 6th, 2017

Cost = $35/day
Fun activities and themes offered daily with 1 field trip per week

Before- and After-School: Grades K-6

Ages: 3 years to 13 years old
Dates: August 30th, 2016 - June 7th, 2017
Hours: 7:00am to bell and dismissal to 6:30pm

Champions provides busy, working families like yours the flexibility to extend the learning day before and after school for school-age children ages 5 to 12 years. With a balance of child-initiated and teacher-led activities, our programs serve your child’s wide variety of interests and skills by giving them choice.

Drop In Care: Champions offers drop-in care for $15 for each unscheduled session. Sponsor need to arrange verbally with the AM at least 24 hours in advance to ensure accurate staffing. Early release days at school: Champions offers a half day program at each school on early release, half days. An additional cost of $16 will be applied when you sign up to attend. Full days scheduled off of school and snow days: Champions offers full day programs when school is closed at John Marshall Upper Elementary School; 35100 Bayview in Westland. Program hours are 6:45am - 6:30pm. An additional fee of $35 will be applied when you sign up to attend.

Winter Break

Ages: 3 years to 13 years old
Dates: December 22nd, 2016 - January 3rd, 2017
Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Friday

The Champions Winter Break program brings learning and fun together—and the best part? We help children build their potential by encouraging them to choose their own learning activities, work in groups, and stay active. This year, we will shine a spotlight on science, reptiles, or stage production, depending on the site. Families can come one day or every day—whatever works for them!

Program will potentially be held at Sacred Heart Catholic School! Accepting students who do not attend Sacred Heart during the school year!

Summer Break

Ages: 3 - 12 years
Dates: June 12 - August 25, 2017
Hours: 6:45 AM - 6:00 PM

We offer several fun and engaging themes over the course of the summer. Enroll in one week, a few weeks or participate in all 12 weeks – with an emphasis on meeting new friends and learning new things. Summer Break at Champions is easy for families because it takes place at many of the same neighborhood school locations as our before- and after-school programs, making it convenient for parents and familiar for kids.

Enrollment begins January 3, 2017.

2017-2018 School Year
Before- and After-School: Grades K-6

After school
1 day $14
2 days $28
3 days $42
4 days $56
5 days $70

Before school
1 day $10
2 days $20
3 days $30
4 days $40
5 days $50

2016-2017 School Year

Before- and After-School: Grades K-6
Before $10 per day; After $13 per day
Discount: 10% sibling discount
Registration Fee: Registration fee $50 for one child; $75 for family

Summer Break 2017
1-2 days per week: $75
3 days: $115
4 days: $155
5 days: $180

Payments accepted through State of Michigan Child Care Subsidy and Department of Human Resources

How soon can my child start Champions?

Your child can attend our program as early as 48 hours after you complete the online enrollment process.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is charged weekly on Thursday mornings for the following week, and is due by Friday. Payments can be made with a debit or credit card through your online account. We offer autopay for your convenience, so you can store your payment account and it will be charged weekly.

What if my child’s schedule changes?

Please make any schedule changes by Wednesday for the following week. Tuition is based on the schedule you have chosen in the system.

What if there are school closures or changes in scheduling?

During inclement weather conditions, it may be necessary to delay and/or close schools and childcare sites entirely. Champions will follow the delay schedule set by the school district. If school is cancelled, Champions will be cancelled. Please be sure to check with your local Champions contact to find out how scheduling is handled in the event of either an early release or late start, and always call ahead if you are unsure whether Champions will be in operation for these types of days.

When do I need to pick up my child?

Please be available to pick up your child before or as near the program end time as possible. To avoid late fees, arrive to collect your child within 15 minutes after the listed time. Fees will apply for extended tardiness as follows; $10.00 for the first 16-30min, and an additional $10 each 15min following that.