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Kids at school

An accredited program is one you can trust.

We’re accredited!

How can we create even better experiences for kids during out-of-school time and on school grounds?  
This question shapes who we are. It’s why we’re constantly looking to push ourselves (and your kids) further. And that's why we’ve made a continuous commitment to earn and re-earn Corporate Accreditation from Cognia™.*  

Accreditation is like a seal of approval from the experts. They've looked at our program inside and out to make sure that we’re delivering on our promise to you: to create exceptional educational experiences for your child.  

When Cognia awards us with accreditation, that means you’re sure to get: 

  • An engaging, thought-provoking curriculum that nurtures and enriches your child’s learning experience 
  • Safety protocols that protect your child and the community at large 
  • A supportive environment for employees and staff so they can be the best they can be for your child 
  • Transparent communication (with families and partners) so you’re always in the loop 
  • A commitment from us to constantly review and improve how and why we do things so we’re offering the best experience for kids, families, and our school partners  

These are just some of the ways we help kids get ready to rise to their next challenge—in the classroom and beyond. 

*Cognia is a forward-thinking non-profit organization known for recognizing those leading the way in education.