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Champions Tech Track

Champions Tech Track

We give kids the tools they need to take charge of technology—and have tons of fun. 

Champions Tech Track takes a 360º view of teaching technology to kids, moving them from passive consumers to active creators!
Our unique approach goes above and beyond the typical curriculum to teach the super fun basics of coding, game design, and robotics, all while empowering kids to make responsible and healthy choices online. Plus, they’ll gain important collaboration skills they need today and for the future.

Our Tech Track program features:
• A focus on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication
• STEM pathways: Engineering, Coding, and Art and Design
• A programmable robot named KIBO 
• Tablet for student-led projects
• Inspiring information about tech-field innovators from diverse backgrounds

Where kid-collabs happen!

In Tech Track, kids build and create content by sharing ideas, offering feedback, asking questions, and giving compliments—turning them into stellar team players as they solve problems together!

Champions Tech Track

To do this, we use a design model that tech and design professionals use to innovate. Champions kids get hands-on, real-world experience, and learn to become effective creative and critical thinkers and collaborators.

Computers, phones, tablets, oh my! 

Navigating the world of technology and social media can feel overwhelming for parents and kids alike. In Tech Track, we teach the importance of being kind, safe, and aware online.