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Testimonials and Resources

Families and teachers share what they love about Champions!

For students, thriving in times of rapid change means being able to adapt, to reimagine how things work, to have the resilience to try—and then try again. Kids are just born this way. And Champions is a safe place to nurture that natural curiosity and creativity, so students are ready to rise to their next challenge.

Champions extended-day learning environments support your school’s unique schedule, so families always have a reliable place for their kids to go and schools gain a partner in educating the next generation of doers and thinkers.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from families, schools, and Champions teachers on what they love about our programs!

Hear From Families

The joy that comes from seeing kids dive headfirst into a new interest or meet a new best friend is what the Champions community is all about. One of our families describes the growth they see in their child as she explores what she loves at Champions:

Hear from Teachers

You know that spark on a student’s face when something clicks in their understanding of the world? That’s the face Champions teachers live for! One of our teachers explains what makes his job so special:

Hear from Schools

Learning isn’t limited to the school day, so why not make the most of every moment that students are within your school’s walls? See why superintendents and school administrators choose Champions for their early learning, extended-day, and out-of-school time programs at their schools.

Case Studies and Resources

Just like we teach in our programs: Data makes the case for a hypothesis you’re trying to prove! Take a deep dive into the data and other resources that show the power of our programs:

  • Gibraltar School District: Read about this Michigan district's successful partnership with Champions to expand learning outside of school.

  • Union School District: Learn how Champions before- and after-school programs enrich learning for this California district.

  • A Day in the Life of a Champions Student: Get a quick look at what you can expect from our extended-day learning programs at your schools.

  • Demonstrating High-Quality Best Practices: See the results of a 2014 study conducted by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality that recognizes Champions programming for its strong alignment with high-quality best practice standards.

  • Raising Student Achievement: Read a survey of superintendents, conducted by the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) and Champions, that reveals the importance benefits out-of-school time programs offer today’s students.