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Partner with Champions

Why School Administrators Partner With Champions

Teach the Next Generation of Innovators

Community and interest-driven learning  are key to engaging students in their education. That means teachers can benefit from support outside the school day to reinforce their goals and empower students to actively create. When students are more engaged, teachers are more engaged and form stronger bonds. The result? Stronger communities.

Champions Before- and After-School is a turnkey program that focuses on the whole child with learning experiences in a place they’re comfortable: their school. Here's the Champions difference.

Before- and after-school programs not only support working families’ busy schedules, they give children a structured and safe environment to explore new interests and build lasting friendships. 

We give Champions kids what they need to do better! When students are encouraged to express themselves, they’ll be more confident participants in school. Our model is built on the four C’s: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. How does our curriculum demonstrate these?

• Social-emotional learning to aid whole-child development

• Activities structured around skills needed to succeed in the classroom and community

• Student-led, project-based learning that empowers our kids through exploration and collaboration

• STEM learning processes and a Tech Track that foster responsible technology practices

• Relationship building and personal attention from teachers that fosters trust

More than after-school care

Provide a Learning Experience Like No Other

When you partner with Champions, you get a turnkey before- and after-school program that has no impact on school staffing or budgets. We’ll use your existing space, handle all enrollment and scheduling, and provide everything your students need to become more active participants at school.

• Turnkey enrollment and scheduling
• An accredited program, we focus on continuous improvement based on quality and engagement metrics
• Teacher selection based on experience and qualifications using an assessment designed with Gallup
• Educators who empower students to follow their interests and problem-solve
• Continuous improvement based on engagement metrics

Champions resources and programs