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Our Teachers are Champions of Adventurous Learning and Infinite Imagination


At Champions, we want our students to bring their whole selves to the table and engage in joyful experiences that spark wonder and fuel new ideas. The same goes for our teachers too. Here’s why they’re so special.  


We attract and hire the best teacher talent out there—and provide such a great environment for them that they want to stay year after year. We set our team up for success and make sure they have the passion, enthusiasm, and know-how to help students thrive at Champions, and thrive themselves. 

How do we find these all-star educators? First, we identify top talent through our Gallup® partner and have lots of conversations to make sure they’re the right match, have the passion, and align with our mission and values. Plus, we do hands-on assessments and a background check. 


Shaping big thinkers, curious question askers, and brave friends is no small task. It means our teachers need a playful spirit, an openness to the ideas of students, and a passion for making each day the best it can be. And they do. They bring big hearts and optimistic minds to school, knowing that they’re a piece of the puzzle for future inventors, artists, and community leaders. They make space for kids to forge their own path with the support of someone who cares and believes in them at their side—and that’s powerful enough to change a life. 


Our School-Age and Early Childhood curriculums are provided by an in-house team of experts so teachers can focus on implementation and being present for students. No hours spent coming up with what they’re going to do in the classroom each day, just tuning in to how they can best support and inspire your kiddo to bravely be themselves and make confidence-boosting discoveries. 


The power of our programs hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’ve earned corporate accreditation from Cognia, a global leader in advancing excellence in education through accreditation—third-party validation that we’re truly amazing at creating exceptional educational experiences for your child.  

Just like our students, our teachers love learning—and we want them to have opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge. We hold ongoing professional development days to train our team on important mindsets and applicable skills to make Champions the most impactful place it can be for kids. We also provide education assistance benefits for ongoing learning and credentials. In short: The learning never stops! 


Safety (including emotional too) is always top of mind for our team. They undergo extensive training on the latest health and safety practices, holding field trips or off-site activities, first aid, and CPR.  

They’re also equipped with the super skills they need to build community in the classroom and foster kindness, empathy, and fairness—which are critical to succeeding in school, building resiliency, and making new friends! 


Whatever walk of life your child or family comes from, everyone is welcome in our circle. We nurture a respectful environment where all children feel safe and accepted for who they are. Together, we honor and value one another’s unique experiences and special traditions. 

The same goes for our teaching community. Teachers have the space to be heard, listened to, and connect with others in our employee resource groups and teacher trainings.