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All about Champ Camp!

Summertime is a great time to be at Champions. Whether you need full-time or part-time care, this full-day summer program is perfect for 5 to 12-year-olds. We’ll keep the learning and growing going by taking your child on an incredible race around the world! With health and safety protocols in place? You betcha.

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It's time for kids to be kids.

Children want to hang with their friends, play outside, and discover new things! At Champ Camp, they’ll do it all: teaming up with friends to solve head-scratching puzzles, completing spy-worthy quests that stretch their understanding of different people and places, and even taking a field trip or two. Every day, they’ll: 

  • Romp around outside and move their bodies 
  • Learn STEM skills through hands-on activities  
  • Create inspiring art that reflects their passions 
  • Buddy up with friends and practice teamwork 
  • Discover new things about themselves and the world

What Matters to you matters to us.

We asked families like yours what your kids need most out of a summer program. Here’s what they said:  
  1. A program that balances learning and fun.
    You’re in the right place! Our talented staff and planned activities nurture healthy bodies, happy hearts, and growing minds. And, we make sure kids have plenty of fun—it is summer, after all! 

  2. Spending quality time with friends and nurturing social-emotional skills is at the top of your list.
    Ours, too!
    We’ll help kids nurture their relationships and practice approaching the world with compassion, empathy, resilience, and curiosity.  

  3. You love leadership opportunities for your kids.
    So do we!
    In fact, what would summer camp be without a healthy dose of confidence-building? Through junior counselor roles and group projects, your child will find many moments to shine. 

  4. At the end of the day, you just want your kiddo to be a good person and a great global citizen.
    Psst: They are!
    Every day, we’ll reinforce the things that make each child an important member of our community. And, we’ll help them think about the big issues of the world in ways that inspire creative problem-solving and global stewardship.
    Try this at-home activity as a family! You’ll hit the trail and learn hands-on what it means to be stewards of the planet. Plus, your child will get a sneak peek of the Champ Camp adventures they'll have in our summer program!
Make your child’s favorite season even better in our enriching and safe summer programs! Find a location to enroll for summer today.

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*Champ Club in the state of Massachusetts. 

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