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Champions Summer Break

Summer Adventures with Friends Await!

This summer is shaping up to be extra special. Our education experts redesigned our program to support kids where they need the biggest boost after this pandemic year: socializing with friends, making up for missed classroom time, connecting to the community, and moving their bodies!  

During our 12 weeks of summer, your child will be safe, smiling, learning, playing, discovering, and exploring—all while getting in great shape for back-to-school season!

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Get Excited About Our Summer Themes, Designed for Kids Like Yours.

One thing your whole family will love about spending summer with us: We offer new experiences each week in the convenience of a steady location. Each week’s theme builds on the last to culminate in a summer full of learning (and smiling)!  

WEEKS 1-4: Imagine a Land of Eternal Summer

To kick off the season, your child will make new friends, try new things, and use their imagination as they work with others to create a special summer community.  

  • Camp Creative 
    Design a summer camp experience that incorporates the group’s shared values, rituals and traditions into campfire sing-alongs, games, and mind and body fitness routines.  

  • Rollicking Ride Park 
    Explore individuality, and contributions to the summer camp community. Kids will turn shared interests and respect for others into summer-long clubs and have an opportunity to analyze and design amusement park rides as a representation of their individuality.  

  • Taking on the Town 
    Imagine and create a town, complete with exercise paths, small businesses, a theater—or even an amusement park! Kids will practice what it takes to be an entrepreneur, host town events, and throw elaborate celebrations.  

  • Visionaries on Vacation: 
    Become a changemaker with a mission to create a more just and inclusive world.  

With the backdrop of going on vacation, kids will explore different ways to express ideas, thoughts, stories, and perspectives through speeches, songs, poems, plays, or dances.

WEEKS 4-8: Escape to Innovator Island 

Summer is heating up, so we’re headed to an island getaway where your child will see how their unique perspective can make a difference to your family, community, and even the world!  

  • Coder Cove
    Dive into the world of coding! Design a game, solve a problem, or develop an activity through coded “languages”—no computer required!  

  • Maker Mountain 
    Cultivate creativity through design challenges. We’ll tinker, craft, observe, and replicate designs from nature to create a masterpiece.  

  • Engineering Estuary  
    Think like a zany engineer to create wacky contraptions and wild inventions that provoke kids to think, laugh, and take risks.  

  • Playa de Perseverance 
    Learn about famous failures that led to incredible successes and discover that sometimes it’s a good thing when things don’t go as planned!

WEEKS 9-12: Wonder in Wayfinder Waters  

To help prep for the new school year, your child will examine their passions and strengths, design physical activities, and reflect on their epic summer!  

  • My Calling Compass 
    Discover how individual strengths and personality traits might direct future life choices. We’ll focus on what kids can do now to practice the skills that their calling requires.  

  • Fjords of Fun 
    Plan, design, create, and play the craziest games of the summer that will provide opportunities for kids to practice cooperation, teamwork, self-regulation, and sportsmanship. 
  • Summer Sails 
    Plan an epic celebration representing personal growth and everything there is for kids to be proud of this summer.  

  • Takeoff Tributary 
    Kids prep for the best school year yet by focusing on new routines, setting goals, making friends, and understanding that there are always going to be some unknowns! They’ll reflect on summer moments of pride and joy and set sights on the adventure of a new school year.  


Each week we’ll add a layer of service learning to everything we do together, helping your child build awareness around how the community supports them, and how they can give back.

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