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Early Learning Programs Extended Day Kindergarten for 5 to 6 Year Olds

Our Extended Day Kindergarten program can supplement or support any school-based kindergarten, and is built on a foundation of early learning standards that align with state and national expectations. We tailor our program to run morning or afternoon based on your school schedule. If you or parents need more than a half-day kindergarten option, Champions can partner with you to offer a kindergarten solution with a full-day curriculum that is customized for your needs.

Designed by our experts in early learning and school-age education, Champions Kindergarten programs complement your school’s learning objectives.

Focused Learning Areas for Kindergarteners

  • Art/Creative - We offer children a variety of ways to explore their artistic skills and talents.
  • Science/Sensory - We guide children in gathering information in order to understand science, nature, and how things work.
  • Language/Listening - We encourage children to participate in reading/writing activities and support expression through music and movement.
  • Gross Motor - We help children strengthen physical abilities and provide opportunities for solo and group movement.
  • Math/Fine Motor Manipulative - We provide children with hands-on ways to learn math concepts and improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Blocks/Woodworking - We help children develop fine-motor skills and math concepts through individual and group building projects.
  • Dramatic Play - We give children a space to enjoy the world of make-believe and to act out favorite experiences.
  • Snack Center - We deepen children’s understanding of healthy nutrition with self-serve snacks.