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Back to School kids Back to School kids

See your child’s confidence in motion! 

Now enrolling for the 2024-2025 school year.

Back-to-school season means opportunities to turn ‘ah-ha’ moments into ‘heck yeah’ victories. Learning? Good times? Homework help? Champions is here for all of that and a bag of giggles.


We’re convenient.
Our safe, learning-centered programs conveniently run all year during out-of-school time, on school grounds. That means before and after school, during seasonal breaks, and other no-school days! Plus, flexing for your schedule with full-time or part-time care is our specialty.*


Professional educators

We’re professional.
Teaching is no joke, so we hire trained educators who kids can count on to be there all school year. They’re experts in bringing to life our age-appropriate curriculum that nurtures children’s academic and social development. And they help your child with schoolwork and homework (because time at home is precious).


Educational fun

And we’re a heck of a lot of fun.
When it comes to fun, kids love to be in charge. So, we get out of their way! Of course, we keep them safe and cheer them on when they’re buddying up with friends, picking up new skills, or thinking up a new adventure.


What’s your kid curious about right now? At Champions, every day is their chance to make a new discovery. The best part? They choose what to learn more about—from coding to cartwheeling—with friends who make everything more fun!


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