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Kids at school

Return to Learning in 2021

There’s comfort in knowing we’ve all gone through this pandemic together. Yet everyone, including your child, has been impacted in unique ways. This experience has taught families how important teachers truly are! Especially caring, professional educators like ours who help kids build life skills—from literacy to confidence.  
If you’ve taken a step back from child care over the past year or so, chances are you have questions or concerns that are keeping you from returning. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we’ve heard from families like yours about how we care for kids living through this unusual time.  

Use this printable checklist to make sure the child care providers you’re considering take a whole-child approach to education like we do.

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Our teachers are professionally trained to extend the learning your child’s doing in school, plus tune into who your child is at heart. In our before- and after-school programs, your child will gain tools to help them listen to their inner voice, develop positive relationships, and strengthen their emotional center.  

Our child is acting out with new behaviors at home that concern us. How do you handle big feelings at Champions?

The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on all of us, and kids might not have the words to express what they’re feeling. Remember: When kids act out, they’re not rebelling or regressing, they’re communicating!  

Our teachers are pros! Think of them as detectives who can sniff out what’s happening with your child and help them see it, too. They’ll work with your child on naming their feelings, regulating their emotions, thinking through their reactions, solving their own problems, and resolving conflicts. And remember, these are not normal times, so abnormal behavior in your child makes sense and likely won’t last forever.  

Ugh—my kid has been so bored, sad, lonely, and withdrawn. I’m afraid they won’t remember how to socialize or share anymore!  

We hear you—isolation is awful! Pandemic or not, a big part of our job is helping your child build positive relationships—with peers, grownups, and themselves—that bring them joy in supportive environments where everyone is welcome. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child will adapt to time with friends again. They’re in for such a treat!  

After over a year of sharing so much time at home, my child has developed some separation anxiety. How will you support them through such a big change as they move to a long day away from home?  

You know your child best, and we trust you to make the choices that feel right for your family. Plus, a healthy attachment is a good thing! But if you’re ready to nudge your kiddo from the nest a bit, we’re here to catch them.  

Every day, we’ll help students practice independence, routines, flexibility, and socialization skills to strengthen their sense of security and belonging. Before you know it, your kid will be coming home with lots of stories to tell about their action-packed day at school and Champions! 
I’m fatigued from trying to be all things to all people. And while I’m eager to get some down time for my own mental health, I’m eager to get some down-time. Plus, my child needs more peer socialization and schoolwork help. Can I count on Champions to take this on?  

Your feelings and limitations are nothing to be ashamed of—this is hard! There’s something about the steady routine of child care that helps kids (and grownups) feel a sense of normalcy—even in abnormal times. And we provide it.  

Each day your child will have time to play independently or with friends, get homework help, explore new things, scratch the curiosity itch, and more! 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our programs have been open to offer support to families who need us most. Whether you’re working, caring for a family member, managing an illness of your own, or simply in need of a break, our steady programs are a near certainty that your whole family can count on.  

We’ve been pretty isolated as a family during the pandemic. What do you do to help my child see beyond our little bubble?  

Managing modern life in a pandemic is a double-edged sword: We’ve needed to isolate to stay safe from COVID-19, but we also need connection with others to save our sanity! Being an active participant in the community is an important part of our value system. From inside and outside school walls, we’ll explore the people and systems that make the world go ‘round.  

I’ve decided to homeschool my child. It’s going okay, but I’m worried about what kinds of learning they’re missing.  

This could be the beginning of a long and rich conversation, and we applaud you for taking on the challenging, yet rewarding, task of teaching.  

While we (obviously) think our programs are the best choice in education support for school-age kids, we know that not everyone is ready for in-person schooling right now. When you’re ready to return, here are some things we offer that you might not be able to at home:  
  • Our whole-child, STEM learning curriculum focuses on grade-school readiness goals like academics, social skills, emotional learning, anti-bias principles, and more.  
  • Physical spaces are designed with your child’s age and developmental stage in mind.  
  • Group learning gives kids practice seeing things from a different perspective, along with sharing roles and responsibilities. 
  • Environments with mixed ages and grades allow for friendships, mentorships, and safe socialization to naturally blossom.  
  • Outdoor playtime is offered throughout the day to enhance physical activity and learning.  

Perhaps most importantly, caring for your child is our team’s only role, so we can help you focus on yours: parenting.  

At the end of the day, we’ve done our jobs well if your child is secure in who they are, their place in the world, and their ability to handle life’s ups and downs.

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Right now, your child’s brain is growing faster than it ever will! To make the most of this important developmental window, every second of learning in our programs counts. Our talented educators and thoughtfully designed curricula work together to help your kiddo meet milestones and stretch beyond! 

I'm having a hard time deciding between my child's safety surrounding the pandemic, and the developmental benefits they receive at school.  

That’s fair. It’s a very personal decision. One thing we know is that our safety precautions are working. Over the last year, the infection rate in our sites nationwide has been lower than the national average, and a recent Yale study found that child care is not associated with the spread of COVID-19. That means Champions is one of the safest places your child can be.  

But all the stats in the world can’t convey the confidence you’ll feel when you’re in our program. The best way to get comfortable with your decision to join (or return to) any child care program is to see it for yourself in person. While tours are a little harder to arrange during the pandemic, it’s not impossible to do.  

Please reach out to your location’s site director so you can have a personal conversation about your concerns. We’ll do everything we can to find a good time to show you around and demonstrate our industry-leading safety measures in action.  

The sustained instability of schooling this year has slowed my child’s learning pace to a crawl. I know everyone feels a little “behind the ball,” but I’m ready for my kid to start playing catch-up. Can you help?  

First and foremost, just remember that you are your child's first teacher! And their development doesn’t just happen in the class, it also happens at home. From cooking to board games, everything you’ve done together has built skills they never would have gained if they hadn’t experienced being home with you.  

Now, when you’re ready to jump back into a school and aftercare routine, our team is here to make sure your child is grasping the concepts being taught in class, and help them with homework so your time at home is reserved for family time.  
I’m ready to throw our screens out the window—we rely on them a lot right now to get through each day, and I’m concerned it’s going to be a hard habit to break. Plus, my kid constantly complains about being “bored.” Will they even know how to play with other kids in person anymore?
Screens: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! The reality is we need them, and they’ve saved education to a large extent this year, but they can be addictive and destructive if not managed properly. We understand how tricky this balance can be.  

Let us assure you: Your child will be so excited to get back to playing with friends, participating in hands-on activities, discovering new and exciting experiences, and moving their bodies that they won’t have time to think about a screen while they’re here! Doesn’t that sound refreshing?  
We used to be enrolled at Champions, but it’s been a while. If we return, how will you know what my child needs now?  

If you’re returning to our program after some time away, check in with us to make sure we’re ready to give your child what they need. We’d love to hear about what’s been going on since you left, and we’ll work together to build a learning plan that makes sense.  

These questions (and answers) raise important issues for you to consider when returning to child care of any kind! Of course, we hope to see you here so you can return to routines and your child can get back to being a kid again!
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