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girls sledding in snow girls sledding in snow

Champions Champ Camp for Winter Break

The most wonderful time of the year gets even better when you’ve got reliable, high-quality child care in place during the school break. Champ Camp for winter break is here to take “what will I do with the kids” off your mind.  
Our safe, reliable programs are staffed on school grounds with professional educators who will keep your 5–12-year-old engaged in learning and socializing while school is out!  
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Buckle up for an inspirational, whirlwind adventure! 

The theme for this year’s program? Time travel.  

  • How did explorers and thinkers from the past design innovative solutions, overcome obstacles, and inspire change?
  • What knowledge from the past can we use to help us better understand and make sense of the world today?
  • How can we navigate new challenges in thoughtful, innovative ways, like those who came before us?  

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 We’ll have a flurry of fun while we learn! 

Each week of our two-week program, students “visit” five different historical time periods and participate in hands-on experiences across key learning categories: 

SCIENCE: explore cause and effect 
TECHNOLOGY: create your own silent movie 
ENGINEERING: use natural materials to make tools 
MATH: take measurements and make estimations 
ART: create-your-own postage stamps 
LITERACY: tell stories, explore history, keep a journal 
PHYSICAL EDUCATION: get outside and move those bodies 

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And coax key skills out of hibernation. 

Got plans but still want to find a way to keep your child’s skills sharp? No problem. Sign up for some, or all days, depending upon the availability at your location. Breathe easier knowing that whenever they're here, they’ll work on: 

  • Collaboration
  • Self-expression
  • Goal-setting
  • Communication, listening to and expressing ideas
  • Responsible decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Open mindset
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Observation and reflection 

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All on the schedule (and at the location) that works for you. 

No matter how long or short your school’s winter break schedule is, we’ve got programs from Thanksgiving through the New Year at convenient locations nearby. You can sign up for some or all days, depending on availability at your location.