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Robotics Brought to Life through NAO

At Champions, we teach children valuable 21st century learning skills needed for today’s technological world, and one very special (and completely programmable) robot brings that learning to life. Meet NAO, a robot that reinforces what children learn in school all while building on core competencies such as:

  • Critical-Thinking Skills
  • Cause and Effect
  • Creative Expression
  • Math
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Literacy

How Does NAO Do It?

NAO speaks the language of children (he can play games, dance, and sing) in order to excite them about the world of programming and the possibilities of technology. NAO makes technology fun and relatable because, after all, today’s children will be tomorrow’s innovators.

When NAO arrives at Champions, he is a blank slate—but that won't last long. Plug NAO into a computer and let the fun begin! NAO was designed with ultra-realistic movement and facial recognition skills, so he is able to recognize each child and can even say “hi”! The children can program the robot’s actions based on things they like to do, like:

1. Let's Tell a Story

Children’s imaginations are always hard at work—and this module gives them the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Children will embrace their inner storytellers as they create a story, and then program NAO to recite it. They can even program NAO’s movements to add to the intrigue (or comedy!) of the story.

2. Let's Dance

NAO is quite the dancer, and he’s not afraid to show it…but he can’t do it all on his own. He needs choreographers—and that’s where the children come in. Using mathematics and programming skills, children can teach NAO a dance routine and watch their creativity come to life.

3. Let's Play a Game

Using math skills, children can program NAO to read facial expressions so that he’s able to play games. It’ll feel like there’s actually another child in the room—he may not look like everyone else, but he certainly fits right in!