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At-Home Learning

Champions At-Home Activity Hub

Let’s keep the learning (and play!) going at home. Here you’ll find a selection of helpful activities for school agers adapted from our proprietary curriculum to help your family stay active and engaged at home.

To help you choose which activities are best for your family (or schedule) we’ve noted the time, materials, and engagement level you’ll need. We’ve also provided tips for balancing screen time with breaks for movement and practicing mindfulness.
For more ideas, enjoy these curriculum-based activities you can do at home with your kids.  

More Resources

Free Digital Media

  • Overdrive and Libby (all ages): Apps that allow you to borrow e-books and audiobooks from your local library
  • National Geographic Kids (school-age): Informational site with games, videos, and brain boosters 
  • DK Find Out! (school-age): Fun facts, activities, videos, and quizzes 


  • Brains On (preschool and up): An award-winning science podcast for kids. Host Molly Bloom is joined by a new kid co-host to find answers for fascinating questions about the world (30 min).
  • Peace Out (preschool and up): Short stories to help teach about mindfulness and self-regulation (15-20 min)
  • Little Stories For Tiny People (toddler and preschool): Original stories and poems written and performed with little people in mind
  • Story Pirates (school-age): Have you ever wondered what your child’s story, adapted and acted out by actors and comedians, would sound like? Well look no further than this sketch comedy, musical theater experience.